Winstrol- The Major Side Effects of Winstrol in Men

Generic Stanozolol is also available by the name of Winstrol, which is a popular anabolic steroid resembles with the Testosterone Hormone.

In 1990 an Anabolic Steroid Control Act classified Stanozolol as controlled substance, this happened due to the excessive steroid abuse by some of world-class top athletes and bodybuilders to increase their stamina and performance level.

winstrol steroids

Winstrol is not available in the US anymore however many websites supply the product with a similar name which is yet not recognized by FDA as approved.

Some major side effects of Winstrol are:

Behavioral Changes- Mood Swings

In past decades, many celebrities experienced one of the major side effects of Winstrol which was mood swings.

Some people called it by the name “Roid Rage” which can later lead to anxious behavior, depression, paranoia, envy, delusion and a condition where a person is suffering from an impaired judgment which can lead to horrendous outcomes.

The type of steroid enhances the sense of wellbeing too much while it’s being used, the prompt withdrawal can cause life-threatening depression.

Inhibited Growth

Abuse of Winstrol can cause severe Growth Inhibition. Winstrol abuse by the individuals whose skeleton are in pre maturation stage stop growing any longer.

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The person can no longer grow a height and remain short.

1. Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the abnormal growth of mammary tissues which happens to cause a breast like an appearance on men’s body.

Excessive use of Winstrol can cause the destruction of normal hormones as a result of which the amount of estrogen rises in your body.

Approximately 50% of Winstrol users suffered from Gynecomastia, as NIDA said. Anabolic steroid-induced Gynecomastia is considered permanent.

2. Liver Damage

Use of Winstrol for a long term can cause Liver toxicity since the drug is metabolized by the liver enzymes.

In many doctor’s prescription list signs of liver damage, including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dark urine and yellowing of the skin were reported by the people with Winstrol abuse history.


The result is Liver Cancer.

3. Infertility in Men

Testicular shrinkage accompanied by reduced Sperm count and prostate cancer is one of the major effects of Winstrol abuse.

The substance also offers potential side effects to the other reproductive organs.

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